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Including material based on the BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines excellent 
Prospecting School on the Web

Rocks and Minerals

The Rocks
The Rock Cycle1
the rock cycle2
Rock Basics - Primary School
Percent Crustal Abundance of the common elements
Atomic Structure of Salt ( sodium chloride)
The Silicon tetrahedron - building block of igneous minerals
Atomic Structure of some Common Minerals
mineral grain shape classification diagram
Common Rock Textures


Mineral Optics

Reflection of Light
Total Internal Reflection
Plane Polarized Light
Crystal Symmetry
Crystal Systems
List of Major Gemstones by Crystal System
Optical Effects in Gemstones
Interference of Light
Play of Colour

How to Identify Minerals by their Physical Properties
Identification Tables of Common Metallic and Non-metallic Minerals
Identification Flowchart of Common Minerals (300k .jpg file)
Global Mineral Codes Quick Reference

A Photographic Atlas of Rock Breakdown Features in Geomorphic Environments
                Mary C. Bourke1, 2 and Heather A Viles2 (Eds.) (15Mb! PDF file)

Igneous Rocks

Igneous Rock Classification Diagrams:
Where intrusive igneous rocks form
Classification of igneous rocks
   General classification of igneous rocks
Plutonic rocks
Ultramafic rocks
Phaneritic feldspathic rocks
Volcanic rocks
Pyroclastic rocks

Metamorphic Rocks

Pressure -temperature diagram showing metamorphic rock types
Foliated texture in metamorphic rocks
The importance of inclusions in rocks

Sedimentary Rocks

Fundamental concept - superposition
Sorting in sedimentary rocks
Types of sedimentary bedding

Clastic Sediments
Clastic depositional environments
Makeup of clastic sediments
Size chart of clastic sediments

Shape of sedimentary clasts
Roundness and Sphericity
 Names of shapes
Change in mineral composition of sediments as they travel downstream (chart)
Pore space in sedimentary rocks
Grain vs. Matrix supported sediments

Siliceous sediments:
Arenites/Wackes/Mudstones - general
Arenites and Wackes - detail

Animations of the formation of fundamental rock types
Igneous rock formation animation(225Kb)
Sedimentary rock formation animation(201Kb)
Metamorphic rock formation animation(347Kb)

A great Mineralogy link at the University of Wuerzburg (external link)

Rock Photos Fundamental rock types

Deformation of Rock


Oil and Gas Exploration in the Marine Environment
Offshore Oil Drilling
Refining of Petroleum
Oceans & Oil Spills
Petroleum and Natural gas - the basics
Dome Trap
Dome type - air photo
Fault trap
Unconformity trap
Sand lense in shale
Salt Dome
Coal Mining
Coal Formation
Geothermal Related Deposits
Geothermal Energy  - ten graphics
Solar Energy and Photovoltaics
Geology of Uranium Deposits
Insitu Leach Uranium Deposits
Hydroelectric Power
Wave Power
Biodiesel  - Alice Todd's excellent source from WVO Designs on Waste Vegetable Oil as a Fuel - http://www.wvodesigns.com/wiki/Biodiesel 


Geologist (Earth Scientist)comprehensive
or by individual aspects as listed below:
Career Trends

Mineral Deposits

Classification of Mineral Deposits
Mineral Sand Deposits
Salt Deposits   courtesy of  http://www.saltinstitute.org
Olympic Dam Type Deposits
Tin Deposits
Uranium Deposits
Insitu Leach Uranium Deposits
Evaluating Mineral Deposits
Brief Glossary of Common Ore Deposit Terms
Gold Placer Deposits and the Palmer River Goldfield
Gemstone Deposits
Diamond Deposits
Oil Deposits
Acid Mine Drainage
Ancient Mining Techniques

The following Deposit Types are based, with thanks, on material from
BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines  Prospecting School on the Web
For 80 years the BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines has been holding
an annual Prospecting course to help hobbyists make the most of their time in the bush

Introduction to Prospecting and Exploring for Mineral Deposits
Adapted from a talk by Dr. Gerry Carlson, President La Teko Resources Ltd
The Prospecting School on the Web

Magmatic Base Metal Deposits
Abridged  and adapted to HTML from notes from
The Prospecting School on the Web
By Luca Riccio for the B.C. & Yukon Chamber of Mines
John McDonald is an executive officer at Winspear Resources Ltd

Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits
adapted into HTML from notes from
The Prospecting School on the Web
by Dave Watkins, Falconbridge Copper Corp
and Bruce Downing, Geological Consultant

Ni-Cu-Co Type Magmatic Massive Sulphides
Adapted to HTML from the magazine Newfoundland Mining
for The Prospecting School on the Web

Epithermal Vein-Type Gold Deposits
adapted into HTML from notes from
The Prospecting School on the Web
 modified from notes by Christine Norcross

Prospecting Guidelines for Chromium, Nickel and Platinum
Abridged  and adapted to HTML from notes from
The Prospecting School on the Web
By Luca Riccio for the B.C. & Yukon Chamber of Mines

Porphyry Copper Deposits
Bill McMillan  Manager, Mapping and Resource Evaluation Section (retired)
Geological Survey Branch PO Box 9320 Stn Prov Govt Victoria, B.C. V8W 9N3

Skarn Deposits
Adapted to HTML from notes of Larry Meinert (email: meinert@wsu.edu)
and Dr. Kenneth Dawson, Ph.D., P.Geo  (emaildawson@northvan.net )
Tera Geological Consultants from
The Prospecting School on the Web

Vein Type Deposits
adapted into HTML from notes from
The Prospecting School on the Web
Tom Schroeter, Senior Regional Geologist, Geological
Survey Branch, B.C.Ministry of Energy & Mines

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