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Micro My Earth - a portal for geological resources, software, webinars and more to teach, learn and share geology in the classroom, at work and at home
Wind Power and Alternative Energy
Dinosaurs and Marine Reptiles
Remote Sensing
Weather and Climate
Crustal Movement and Changes
Space Science
Mineralogy / Caves
Classic Fossil Sites
Good General Interest links

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asteroid impact

Micro My Earth

Micro My Earth is a Swiss-based portal offering links to...
Virtual Field Trips
Virtual Field Trips
Thin Sections and Models
and Geological Resources including online courses

Wind Power and Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Geek by Mirsad Hasic
Wind Power from Denmark
- excellent site on all aspects of windpower

How Wind Turbines Work

Biodiesel - basics of biodiesel explained by U.S. Energy Information Administration
also a link to Ethanol as a fuel

How Electricity Works

Micro Hydroelectricity

Dinosaurs and Marine Reptiles

Australian Marine Reptiles (NOT Dinosaurs)
- lots of information on ichthyosaurs, pliosaurs...

Dann's Dinosaur Reconstructions
Lots of reconstructions of Australian Dinosaurs

Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs

Palaeontology Portal

History of Dinosaur Collecting


Remote Sensing

 Earth and Moon Viewer

Terranova Planet Maker - make planets on your browser

Solar System Live
Earthshots satellite images of environmental change

Principles of Remote Sensing

Weather and Climate

"The Water Cycle For Kids"

The Hydrologic Cycle
Description of the Hydrological Cycle from the National Weather Service

  paleoclimate overview
  paleoclimate simulations

Australian Severe Weather
Indigenous Australian Weather Knowledge

Australian Climate Influences

Tsunamis What Causes Them?
Student's Weather Guide

All about Rainbows

Crustal Movement and Changes

What Causes Earthquakes

Australia Through Time - describes the  geological, climate and flora changes throught geological time
Good links to more information on each sub-topic

Plate Tectonics from the acclaimed USGS site 


Volcano World Oregon State University

Mass Wasting

Mass Movement

Space Science

American Meteor Society
Nine Planets - yes there are only 8 planets not but this good site has kept it's old name!

Hitchhikers Guide to the Moon
 - everything you want to know about the moon
Build a solar System -make a scale model of a solar system
 - requires java
The Solar System Live - shows what planets are visible at your latitude and longitude in live time
 - requires java
Star Child - early primary school award winning site
Powers of Ten -based on the multi-award winning video
 of the same name uses powers of ten to zoom outwards from a scene on earth
to the edge of the universe
then zooms back in to the original scene
then continues downwards to the sub-atomic level
Terrestrial Impact Craters and Their Environmental Effects
The environmental and biological consequences of cratering.
The Basics of Space Flight A slick introduction into the basics of space flight.
Coolcosmos - a view of the earth and universe in the wavelenghts of infared

Neocam - finding asteroids before they find us

Gravitational Waves

Astronomy Images (+7000 images)
Atmospheric Optics  
Learn about and simulate rainbows, halos, glories, coronas and more.

Mineralogy / Caves

Mineralogy Links Pages - many good resources

huge but slow
Web Mineral about 4000 minerals

Mineral Identification Guide

Description and Classification of Sedimentary Rocks

All about caves - The Virtual Cave

Classic Fossil Sites

A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites
All aspects of the biology and classification of trilobites, including morphology, ecology, localities, reproduction, development, behavior, biostratigraphy ... 

Life History and Ecology of Trilobites
Most trilobites lived in fairly shallow water and were benthic; they walked on the ... Cambrian and Ordovician trilobites generally lived in shallow water
Australian Trilobites

Ediacara -Australia

Smithsonian Institute -  Burgess Shale Page
Burgess Shale Foundation
Berkley University - Burgess Shale

Burgess Shale -  Virtual Fossil Museum

Chengjiang Deposits - Maotianshan Shales - China

Crinoid Fossils

Green River Formation Fossils 

Tyrannosauras rex

Archaeopteryx - a bird,  a dinosaur, a fraud?



Interesting archaeology sites and blogs

Good general interest links

A library of Java, Flash... simulations for Earth Sciences, Maths, Physics
from the University of Colorado Boulder  - most require download

EarthHow is an extensive earth science website with great graphics
The site's focuus is on Atmosphere, Career, Geology, Life Science, Outer Space and Water Science

The Geology of the Kingdom of Zanskar - the highest permanently populated place on earth
- only accessable by a considerable journey on foot
-the scarcity of cultivable land also implies that the population has to remain stable.
-- rather efficient birth control system in Zanskar was achieved
by the common practice of polyandrous marriage
(several brothers are married to the same wife)
and the widespread adoption of celibate religious life.

Extremophiles - creatures that live in extreme conditions and locations
- articles on life forms found in extreme environments, ot springs, under glaciers, undersea volcanos ...

Current World Winds - interactive 3D globe,-3.57,437

Space Infographics from JPL

Global Positioning Systems GPS

Great Circle Calculator
computes the distance between any two points on earth

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world.