Lava Bomb - the weather 10 thousand years ago - Australian Rules Football

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Lava Bombs - the weather 10 thousand years ago  -  Australian Rules Football

My Story - I am a lava bomb with evidence of the weather on the day I flew out of the volcanoe
I am a lava bomb from north Queensland Australia in the land of the Rainforest People

The weather story... A lava bomb is a blob of molten rock thrown from a volcanoe.
In the top view image of me below you can see the circular pits where little tornadoes of intense heat spiraled off my 1200 degree celsius surface as I flew through the air...

In the bottom view image below you can see I was still squishy as I splat into the ground hence my flat bottom.
But here is the cool part!! -- - It was a rainy day and you can see how the steam from the wet ground etched into my bottom!

bomb bottom

Australian Rules Football story

I started my life of a volcanic bomb as a shapeless blob of red hot lava.


But part of me was hotter than the rest and that acted like a little jet engine and caused me to spin.
As I spun my liquid shape changed into the easiest shape to fly through the air - the shape of an Australian Rules  Football!
I was up so high and for so long by the time I hit the ground I was solid rock and so I didn't squish flat but kept my excellent shape!

Passing Rainforest aboriginal people saw my shape and said "Hey that wouild be a great shape for a game" - the game eventually became Australian Rules Football invented long ago in the rainforests of  far north Queensland (at least that's what I was told!!)

Fact: The Ngadjon and Yidin  First Australians were around to witness the volcanic activity, the formation of Lake Eacham,  on the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland.
They have passed the stories on orally for the past 12000 years making them among the oldest datable stories on earth at nearly two and a half times the age of the Pyramids of Egypt! .

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