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Family and kin words in Ngadjon with approximate English meanings

Ngadjon English
babi father's mother's brother
babi father's mother
babi female's son's child
babi father's mother's sister
bulu father's father's brother
bulu father's father's lister
bulu father's father
bulu male's son's child
daman niece (mother's side)
daman son - said by mother
daman daughter - said by mother
daman nephew (mother's side)
galbin niece (father's side)
galbin daughter - said by father
galbin son - said by father
galbin nephew (father's side)
ganyjirri brother in law
ganyjirri sister in law
gayan mother's brother
gumbu mother's mother
gumbu female's daughter's child
gumbu mother's mother's brother
gumbu mother's mother's sister
guyugan daughter in law
jajirra father's sister
jaman younger sister
jarraga step mother
juugaa sibling (generic)
juugaa parallel cousin
mugirray elder brother
mungun wife
mungun husband
muynggul eldest brother
ngagi male's daughter's child
ngagi mother's father
ngagi mother's father's brother
ngagi mother's father's sister
nguman father's brother
nguman father's brother
nyubi father in law
waymin mother in law
wuurribu son in law
yabun mother's sister
yabun mother in law
yayin elder sister
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