When Australia was a Land of Giants

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When Australia was a Land of Giants - Megafauna

source : https://zt2downloadlibrary.fandom.com/wiki/Pleistocene_Australian_Megafauna_Pack_(Lazardi_%26_Ringo)

In the past the central part of Australia was a great shallow inland sea.

Ichthyosaur - large carviverous swimming reptile from the shallow sea

Life was abundant both within the sea and along the surrounding shoreline.

Jaw of cow size grazing marsupial called euowenia.

Food was plentiful and conditions remained constant for a very long period of time.

Detail of a bullock sized grazing "diprotodontid" marsupial

Consequently the creatures had a very long time to adapt,specialise and become experts at exploiting individual and particular food types.
With little competition for the same plentiful food they were ableto evolve into larger and larger sizes

But not completely safe! This leg bone, found along the ancient shoreline is that of a giant flat-faced kangaroo.
The pen points to a circular tooth indentation of a crocodile attack.

Tusk of a diprotodontid
For a while Australia became a land of giants!
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