If it looks like poo...coprolites

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If it looks like poo...coprolites
Let the rock tell it's story

4.2 million year old crocodile coprolite, from  north Queensland Australia laid on coarse sandbank of a river that ran through granitic igneous rocks
The coprolite contains fragments of large turtle shells and marsupial megafauna bone fragments (cow size marsupials)
The coprolite size indicates that this was one BIG crocodile!!

The story

Coprolites are fossilised poo!
You can learn a lot from coprolites!
There is likely a lot of potential to learn a lot more from coprolites than is currently done.
Coprolite inclusions (things that are part of  /  stuck in /  or on the poo) may give us useful information

coprolite - fodsssil poo
The two coprolites are from a large wombat -like creature with fine fibrous vegetative matrix
The smaller coprolite appears to have regular flat seed-like inclusions - creature unknown!
 4.2 million year old plunge pool below a waterfall from north Queensland

source http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0040025
            from the collection of Earth Science Australia