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Ancient Bulldozer ... Crab Tracks - well I was here!

crabs leave tracks

My Story - I'm not really here all that is left behind is my tracks!
I leave crabs  tracks wherever I go.
110 million years ago in north western Queensland , Australia I crab dug this burrow along a muddy / sandy shore of an ancient shallow sea .
  My carb track is similar to modern crabs so while my body and remains are no longer around you can take an educated guess at what I look like!

crab tracks
As a crab I used this tunnel to keep out of the sun at low tide.and as a safe place to retreat

modern crab burrow
Modern crab burrow similar in design of my crab hole so I must have look about the same.

crab carapace
Modern crab carapace would leave an imprint in the mud like this and where I sat you can see the imprint of my bottom!

crab tracks
Scale shows I was not a big crab. You can see the imprint of my "carapace" (bottom) where the two tracks meet and where I crab rested!
Although no actual parts of me crab can be found , by comparing the tracks to those left by modern day crabs you can confidently say these were ancient crab track.

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