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Information about interiors is aided by studies of planetary magnetic fields.



Magnetic Fields Are Detected By Radio Emission.

   Magnetic Field: Moon
Lunar magnetic field is 107 times weaker than that of the Earth and lacks an internal dynamo magnetosphere3

Planetary Magnetic Fields: Venus
Venus as Earth's twin:      Radius: 0.95     Mass: 0.81     Density: 0.95
We would expect similar magnetic properties to Earth.
Magnetic field of Venus is actually  about 25,000 times weaker than Earth's.
Likely has a fluid core, so how can that be?........Slow Rotation!
Recall a dynamo requires a fluid core and rotation. Venus rotation period is 243 days.

magnetosphere4Planetary Magnetic Fields: Mercury

       Weak magnetic field.
       59 day rotation too slow for dynamo?
       Bow shock, but no atmosphere.
       Field too weak to contain particles.


Planetary Magnetic Fields: Mars


Jupiter magnotosphere

Planetary Magnetic Fields: Jupiter


Magnetic Fields: Ganymede
Galileo - first detection of a magnetosphere of a moon!

  Planetary Magnetic Fields:Saturn

  Planetary Magnetic Fields: Uranus

  Planetary Magnetic Fields: Neptune

  Planetary Magnetic Fields: Pluto

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