8motions of earth

The Eight Motions of the Earth

motion of earth

1. Precession of the Earth's Axis
The Earth spins like a top due to the bulge at the Equator.
This motion takes about 26,000
 years to complete.
The North Star will be Vega instead of Polaris by the year 14,000 AD

   2. Polar Variation
   The Earth wobbles causing the location of the North and South Poles to vary by 3 to 15 m.
   This Chandler Wobble causes the latitude of any position on the Earth to move a few metres in this 14 month  
   cycle and affects GPS readings.

3. Earth's Revolution Around the Sun
30.5km per second
or 110,000 km  per hour

4. The Solar System moving through the Galaxy
20 km per second
or 69,500km per hour

5. Our Revolution around the center of the Galaxy
250-300 km per second
225 million years to complete 1 revolution

6. Our Galaxy moving through the Universe
400 km per second
or 1.45 million km per hour

7. Earth's Rotation on its Axis
The Earth is revolving at 1665 km per hour (at the equator).
The tides have been slowing this down by 1/1000 second per year.
The Earth's rotation has slowed down by 20 in the last 2,000,000 years.

    8. Continental Drift
Australia  is moving northward about 7.5 cm  per year.
Australia has drifted northward  1.5m  since the arrival of Captain Cook.

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