Junior science study guide

Study Guide When Good Rivers Turn Bad - Extreme Flooding

Extracts from the Queensland Science Years 1 to 10 Syllabus

Earth and Beyond Strand
Level 1
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1.1 Students identify and describe obvious featuresof the earth and sky(including landforms and clouds)

1.2 students descrobe obvious events (including day and night) that occur on earth and in the sky

Level 2

2.1 Students identify and describe changes in the obvious features of the earth and the sky

2.2 Students identify and describe short and long term patterns of events

Level 3

3.1 Students identify and describe some interactions that occur within systems

Level 4

4.1 Students recognise and analyse some interactions between systems

4.2 Students collect information which illustratesthat changes on earth ...occur on different scales

Level 5

5.1 Students explain how present-day features and events can be used to make inferences about past events

5.2 Students infer from data that the events that occur on earth and in the solar system can have affects at other times and places

Level 6

6.1 students use scientific ideas and theories about interactions ... to explain past and present features and events

Beyond Level 6

DB6.1 Students explain how scientific ideas can be used to predict natural catastropes and help minimise their effects

DB6.4 Students use the ideas and concepts of science to evaluate ways in which human activity could be modified to create a sustainable future


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