junior geography study guide

Study Guide When Good Rivers Turn Bad - Extreme Flooding

Extracts from the Queensland Geography

Years 9 and 10 Syllabus 2000

Place and Space Strand

Level 5


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PS5.2 Students design strategies for evaluating environmental impacts of a proposed project, highlighting relationships within and between natural systems

PS 5.3 Students participate in geographical inquiries to evaluate impacts on ecosystems... (2) (3) (4) (5)


5.3 Students use field work to explain the rate of operation of physical processes (2) (3)

5.4 students investigate the characterisitcs of biophysical environments in areas...

Level 6


PS 6.1 students use criteria and geographical skills to develop conclusions about the management of a place

PS 6.4 Students use maps., tables , statistical data to express predictions about the impact of change on the environment


6.5 Students use a case study of a major geographical issue....

Beyond Level 6


D6.1 Students investigate through participatory action how an environmental situation could be improved to reflcet a values-oriented position

D6.4 Students use maps and graphs that interpret data to suggest links between geographic features of places and changes occuring within these places

Systems , Resources and Power Strand

Level 5


SRP 5.3 Students use a structured decision-making process to suggest participatory action regarding a significant current environmental...issue


5.2 students participate in a hypothetical/simulation activity to examine an issue and show an unddrstanding of systems, resources and power

6.3 Students participate in a field study of a particular system to investigate evidence of sustainable development


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