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Chemical Reactions
Biological Effects
Carbon in the Soil
Time to develop soil
Soil Erosion
Soil Pollution
see also Soil Processes  and  Web based Soil Activities and Investigations

  • Soil is an open system leaching from top down.
  • To an engineering geologist, however, soil refers to any unconsolidated material overlying the bedrock.
  • Type of soil is primarily a function of climate, organic activity, relief, and time. (ClORPT)
      1. Chemical Reactions

      2. Solution
        • Several acids from plants and atmosphere such as the Carbonic, sulfuric, nitric, and various organic acids.
        • From the atmosphere, for example:
          CO2 + H2O = H2CO3
        • Limestone dissolves relatively easily
        • Silicates dissolve more slowly leave dominantly clays and Al and Fe oxides
        • Oxydation and Hydration - Similar to the formation of Rust.
        • Hydrolysis - Formation of clays.