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Rocks and Landforms

Throughout this module, students use hands-on, inquiry based investigations to explore: Investigation 1
Investigation 2
Investigation 3
Investigation 4
Investigation 5
Investigation 6
Investigation 7
Investigation 8

Investigation 1 -- Different Types of Rock Back to top

Investigation 2 -- Rocks and Landforms in Your Region Back to top

Investigation 3 -- Rocks and Weathering
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Investigation 4 -- Rock Abrasion

Investigation 5 -- Erosional Landforms

  • Wave Erosion
    Brief descriptions and pictures of wave erosion formations.

  • Erosion of a Sea Stack, USGS
    A series of photographs showing the history of rock erosion off the coast of Oregon. Clearly Illustrates the concept that rocks are eroded by waves. 
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    Investigation 6 -- Deltas and Flood plains ack to top

    Investigation 7 -- Glaciers, Erosion and Deposition Back to top

    Investigation 8 -- Rocks, Landforms and Human Activity Back to top


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