Oceans 2 Investigations

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Oceans 2 Investigations

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Contents: All Activities and Investigations
Ocean Investigations (2) see also  Ocean Activities (1)
Investigation 1
Investigation 2
Investigation 3
Investigation 4
Investigation 5
Investigation 6
Investigation 7

Throughout this module, students will use hands-on, inquiry-based explorations to investigate:

Investigation 1 -- The Properties of Seawater

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Investigation 2 --  Ocean Waves

To learn more about ocean waves, visit the following web sites:
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Investigation 3 -- Ocean Currents and Circulation

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Investigation 4 -- Mapping the Ocean Floor

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Investigation 5 -- Changes in the Ocean Floor

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Investigation 6 -- Adaptations to the Ocean

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Investigation 7 -- Investigating a Place in the Ocean


Great Barrier Reef Japan Trench Marianas Trench  Hawaiian Islands Mid-Atlantic Ridge Belize Reef Peru Trench Bering Strait
3D Map 3D Map 3D Map 3D Map 3D Map 3D Map 3D Map 3D Map
Surface Map Surface Map Surface Map Surface Map Surface Map Surface Map Surface Map Surface Map
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Web Sites:


    Online Map Creation 
    Create a map using this input form (http://www.aquarius.geomar.de/omc/make_map.html).  You can select from a  variety of features including whether the topography or bathymetry of your selected region. 
  • National Geographic Map Machine 

For a wide variety of thematic maps, click on "Dynamic Maps" or "Atlas Maps". Enter a location you wish to search for, and select from any number of themes, ranging from elevation to ocean floor. (You may need to click on "Select a New Theme" or "Related Atlas Maps" to find the theme you are looking for.)