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Cryosphere Activities

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Students are challenged to prepare a report and public information display to explain how advancing and retreating glaciers would affect their community. 
Students will:

Activity 1  --  Ice is an Unusual Material
To learn more about this topic, visit the following web sites: 1. The Unusual Properties of Ice
2. Ice in the Atmosphere To complete the Inquiring Further section of this activity:
1.  Students will need a plastic milk jug, a measuring cup (to measure volume), water, and access to a freezer.
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Activity 2  --  How Glaciers Respond to Changes in Climate Back to top
Activity 3  --  How Do Glaciers Affect Sea Level?
To learn more about this topic:
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Activity 4  --  How Rising and Falling Sea Levels Modify the Landscape Back to top
Activity 5  --  How Glaciers Modify the Landscape Back to top
Activity 6  --  Catastrophic Floods from Glacial Lakes Back to top
Activity 7  --  Non-glacial Ice on the Earth's Surface Back to top
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