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Bedrock Geology Activities

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Students are challenged to produce a brochure for their local Bed and Breakfast Association that educates the public about the geologic history of their community. 
Students will:
Activity 1  --  Sedimentary Rocks and the Geologic History of Your Community
To learn more about this topic, visit the following web sites: 1. Sedimentary Rocks in the Earth's Crust
  • What is a geologic map and how is it used?  Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) 

  • Learn more about how to understand geologic maps using this sample lesson plan.
  • Image Gallery for Geology, University of North Carolina 

  • See more examples of sedimentary rocks.

    2. Clasitc, Chemical, and Organic Sedimentary Rocks
  • Sedimentary Rocks Laboratory, Georgia Perimeter College 

  • Read a thorough discussion of clastic, chemical, and organic sedimentary rocks.  Illustrations accompany each description. 
  • Textures and Structures of Sedimentary Rocks, Duke University 

  • View a collection of slides of different sedimentary rocks as either outcrops or thin sections viewed through a microscope.
    3. How Sediment Becomes Rock
  • Bedform Sedimentology Site, USGS 

  • Read an in-depth background on sedimentary features such as cross bedding, bedforms, and paleocurrents. 
    4. Classifying Sedimentary Rocks
  • "Sedimentary Rock Classification Table" - P.J. W. Gore, Department of Geology, Georgia Perimeter College 

  • (
  • "Rocks 101" - USGS and NPS 

  • Site explains how all rocks are classified.  Click on terms to be taken to new pages that give greater detail.
  • "Sedimentary rocks and sedimentary rock classification" - Ocean Drilling Program 

  • (
    To complete the Inquiring Further section of this activity: To learn more about sedimentary rocks and energy resources, visit the following web site:
  • "How Fossil Fuels Formed" - DOE 

  • (
  • "How Coal Is Formed" - Kentucky Educational Television and the American Coal Foundation 

  • This site contains a brief overview of how coal is formed. 
  • "Fossil Fuels" - Penn State University 

  • Reviews how hydrocarbon deposits (including oil and gas) deposits form in list format.
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    Activity 2  --  Igneous Rocks and the Geologic History of Your Community
    To learn more about this topic:
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    Activity 3  --  Metamorphic Rocks and Your Community
    To learn more about this topic:
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    Activity 4  --  Rock Units and Your Community Back to top
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    Activity 7  --  Geology on the Move Back to top
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