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Ngadjonji History of the Rainforest People

  Note: this site contains images of aboriginal people now deceased

Ngadjonji Photo Archive

Traditional groups Traditional groups
Early photographs of Ngadjonji and other rainforest aborigines without any obvious European influences.
Early contact Early contact
Photographs showing some of the early adaptations of the Ngadjonji to the arrival of the White Man.
Traditional activities Traditional activities
Photographs showing some of the traditional activities of the Ngadjonji and other rainforest aborigines.
Exile Exile
Photographs showing some of the Missions and Settlements to which the Ngadjonji were (usually unwillingly) exiled.
Traditional artefacts Traditional artefacts
Photographs showing various tools and other artefacts traditionally produced and used by the Ngadjonji.
Survival Survival
Photographs illustrating some of the ways in which the Ngadjonji managed to survive the coming of the white man.

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